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Chalida graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University in 1992. She had gained experiences working with many export companies for 15 years.

Chalida went back to her home town, Detudom to pursue her design ideas, her vision and most important, her dream. With her love of nature and her passion in design, Chalida has conceptualized, designed and created one of the most beautiful candles you have ever seen. She also has strong will in helping preserving a tradition candle making and helping out people in her home town as well.

“Bring knowledge to develop hometown” After Chalida decided to come back to her hometown and bring the knowledge about scented candle to make the product in her village, during early time of working, it was like other craft careers that needed skill and process understanding. She started training housewife group. The elderly, village girls and housewives were interested in joining team.

The work went well and became bigger. The workers, who were the locals, took more works to do at homes. Fulfilling dream at her hometown not only made Chalida have a career, but it provided works for her neighbors as well. Trying to learn and develop the work to be unique, the beauty and fineness of flower’s petals and leaves passed on from hand to hand.

The flower candle with delicate petals that no one believed that came from the villagers who never learned art in any forms. However, with Chalida’s ability in passing on the art of advanced making scented candle, the villagers, who were used to farming, became craftswomen in making scented candle that was famous around Ubon Ratchathani Province. That became the pride of the province in a short time.

“Step to OTOP” In 2003, the government started the idea of One Tambon One Product. Chalida’s scented candle joined this project in the name of Detudom Scented Candle Group. She had been trying to create the things she loved and hoping that the villagers would have careers in their hometown, no need to go to work in other provinces, working in their homes.

It was her dream to see her neighbors have careers with enough income to support themselves and their families. She began to push forward the group’s works to the national fair by being the exporter for the first time with BIG (Bangkok International Gift Fair) They received a lot of good feedback from customers both in and out of the country, resulting in continuing works.

The workers increased from tens to hundreds. That made Chalida proud to be a part of helping the villagers with added income apart from farming. It became the main income of their families. They were famous around the world in 30 countries. At the time, no one did not know “Detudom Scented Candle”

“Create people, Make Income” Detudom Scented Candle and Muthita Candle were created by candle design artist, Chalida Poonsup. The business had been running for 13 years. Chalida not only tried to help the villagers with sideline, she provided craftsmanship knowledge for them to earn their livings as well. She never grudged sharing her knowledge. There were many people came to ask her to teach the making of scented candle.

It was not a surprise that the markets were full of scented candles similar to Detudom Candle and the works in the name of Muthita Candle. However, no one could make the Chalida-styled scented candle better than her own workshop. The scented candle filled with life and beauty. The spark of happiness in the candle was unique and could not pass on by imitation. Chalida’s scented candles not only made with skill, they were full of happy soul as well. Chalida is a real artist. She is modest, never shows off her ability. Only the workers in her shop can see her strength, gentleness and mercy towards them like family

Grandma… aged… elderly skilled worker Although Grandma… aged…., Chalida never neglects the elderly to be left lonely at home. She is willing to let old people to help making candle in her home. Not much works done, but it helps the elderly not to be left alone at home.

In her opinion, it is not good to let the elderly stay home or work too hard. It will be helpful to let them do trifle jobs earning some income for personal expense. The more valuable result is “happiness” that the elderly receive from being accepted that they still have strength to work and make a living by themselves.

This is a gentle and simple help in society. No wonder why whoever visits Chalida’s shop will find that it is not only a workplace, but it is also like a home with elderly workers working while laughing with girls and children.

Housewife…. aged… skilled worker with baby A lot of people, who used to visit the shop of Detudom Scented Candle group, would find children running around, some of them sleeping in cradles by their mothers. It seems like a nursery. Chalida thinks that mothers and their children should have most time together. It may be not good if their works make them have to leave the children and have not enough time. Therefore, if the workers are unable to have somebody taking care of their little children, they are welcomed at Chalida’s home.

There is a safety zone for the children, where the mothers can see them. We know that this method is used only in top industries with Children Center. As for Chalida’s shop, it is in the first group that has nursery in the shop. In many occasions, the baby-sitter is the owner of the business.

“Teacher of society” As Chalida had been working in scented candle business, she began to be better known for both government and non-government agencies. That provided her the opportunity for joining the activities with schools by teaching about candle molding. Besides, she opened the shop for the educational institutes bringing the students to visit the business and learn to mold candle.

It was another form of opportunity for youth to see it as example. As a result, youth in the village were interested in candle molding and requested for learning. As for those who could not afford to study in higher level, they always asked for the jobs to work at homes.

Chalida’s opinion is different from other traders who think that passing on professional knowledge is not good for the business. She pays no attention to copying works, for artworks can be continuously created in many forms. That’s why she thinks that sharing her knowledge will be useful for Detudom community, including new generation, who will inherit the technique and method of making candle to be last long.

“There is more happiness in giving than receiving” Chalida always says.

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